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New York State Court Officers Hockey Club is pleased to announce we will be back to defend our title in the 2022 Heroes Cup Hockey Tournament hosted by the Boston Bruins in Boston, MA.  

This 3 day tournament taking place June 10-12, 2022, is open to Law Enforcement, Military, Firefighters and EMS only.  All teams are required to raise $1,500 as an entry donation, and will play for a grand prize check made to the charity of their choice.  Our goal this year is $5,000, our largest endeavor yet.

We are proud to support the Three Strohm Sisters Organization as our beneficiary.  The Three Strohm Sisters Family Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 by three sisters, Lucille Montrony, Jane Stanczuk and Kathy Sarna, who were all inflicted with breast cancer. As cancer survivors they found strength in organizing a foundation to support those battling this dreadful disease by sponsoring events that will raise money for cancer research. Over the past 15 years the foundation has seen tremendous growth in both volunteers and contributions.
Today the Three Strohm Sisters Foundation has raised over million dollars with proceeds donated to various worthy cancer research foundations and organizations including pediatric cancer.
The Foundation is also well represented amongst our uniform ranks by its Vice President,
Court Officer-Lieutenant Edward Strohm.

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